We thank our many Benefactors for supporting the League of Reston Artists.

We encourage you to support local artists in your community by making a donation today!

DaVinci Level  ………… $1,000+

Monet Level …………… $500 - $999

Rembrandt Level  …… $250 - $499

Renoir Level   ………… $100 - $249

Picasso Level  ………… $50 - $99

VanGogh Level  ……… $20 - $49

Many thanks to our Major Benefactors:

Kristen and Kent Barnett

Louise and Mark Gantanas

Kathy and David Kautter

Norma and Wendall Lasher

Patricia and Steven MacIntyre

Loy and Jack McGaughy

Daniel and Coleen Mihalko

Gennara Moore

Cheryl Parsons and Art Yavelberg

Gerry and Ellis Rosenberg

Gail and Jim Schlett

Marie and Roger Wright


Please visit our Patrons' web sites by clicking the logos below.

Reston Community Center is a long-time Patron, hosting exhibits and receptions at both the Lake Anne (JoAnne Rose Gallery) and Hunters Woods Community Centers. We are grateful for their continued patronage.

The Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce continues to host on-going exhibits at their office at 1763 Fountain Drive, Reston. These exhibits alternate between Painters and Photographers on a three-month rotation.

The U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) has graciously hosted a number of LRA Exhibits in the impressive Art Hall at their headquarters at 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston. These exhibits feature both Painters and Photographers.

The Northwest Federal Credit Union shows their generous support by offering LRA the opportunity to be a Community Partner with their organization. This endeavor provides our members who are artists, potential artists and supporters of the arts with opportunities for credit union membership.
PenFed Realty wanted to reach out and support local artists. We appreciate their generosity by selecting LRA to exhibit art in their new Reston location at 1886 Metro Center Drive.