Megan Zinn and Brian Rose, two of Herndon Community Television’s dedicated volunteers are developing a new television program focusing on The Arts. Each segment will showcase an artist’s talent or body of work.

They are looking for:

1) Artists of all kinds (film, painting, fashion, music, dance, etc). There is no age limit per se, but they are looking primarily for young adults, college students, high schoolers, etc. Does not need to be somebody necessarily in Northern Virginia. (We have many film friends who can film in other locations.)

2) On air talent. We need somebody to be the “face” of the show who is comfortable in front of a camera and is a good communicator. This will need to be somebody who has a pretty flexible schedule and lives in Northern Virginia.

Please contact Nancy Rose if you or someone you know are interested.

Nancy Rose, Executive Director
Herndon Community Television
Cox Communications-channel 23
Verizon FiOS Cable-channel 28