Past Scholarships

The 2011 & 2012 Scholarship Program was suspended due to lack of LRA resources but we are hoping for a better year in 2013.  If you'd like to help, please email!
2010 Scholarship Recipients

On Sunday, May 23rd, LRA presented four scholarships to high school seniors who will be pursuing an art education in college.  Our of twenty-eight entries, a committee selected the four people:
Michael Kim - Fairfax High School
Nahum Kim - James Madison High School
Michelle Kwon - George C. Marshall HIgh School 
Samantha Owens - Chantilly High School
Each will receive a $1,000 scholarship that will be sent directly to their chosen colleges.  PassionFish Restaurant in Reston Town Center donated one of the scholarships for this year's progarm.
Approximately 50 people attended a reception hosted by the Art Institute of Washington - Northern Virginia Campus.  AI will continue to be a corporate partner to enhance the scholarship program that will be open to Fairfax and also Loudoun County students next year.
Sally Skene has chaired the Scholarship committee for five years and worked tirelessly to bring it to the success it is today.  The first year under ten entries were received and has grown steadily every year to 28 this year.  Sally will be retiring and Josh Yavelberg, an LRA board member who has been handling the grants writing, will also now head the Scholarship Program for 2011.
LRA raises funds for the scholarship program through sales of large artist's portfolio bags and mugs; bookfairs at Barnes & Noble; other events and corporate donations.

2009 Scholarship Recipients

In 2009, the League of Reston Artists awarded three art scholarships of $1000 each to the following students: Jeffrey Allen, Yoon Hee Kim and Sonny Lee.

Jeffrey Allen, a graduate of Robinson Secondary School, is attending North Carolina A&T State University. He is majoring in Computer Aided Design and Drafting, a program he chose “because I love to create my own variations of actual things.  I also love to design products and this program helps me put my knowledge of art to good use.”

Jeffrey describes the work in his award-winning portfolio:
“My art includes pieces that are very detailed and has very few empty spaces. Each of my pieces are definite and organized and it remains to be stylish. What inspired me to create these pieces of art was music. I create my own music and listen to it while I create my graphics.  I also inspire myself since I love to create my own style and variations of certain things.”

Yoon Hee Kim
is a graduate of WT Woodson High School. She is currently enrolled in Virginia Commonwealth University’s Art Foundation Program. Yoon Hee chose VCU because “this school is a strong community of students and teachers who value artistic tradition while challenging the boundaries of conventional art.  My educational goal is to study figurative sculpture, to receive a BFA in studio art.  I also intend to continue my studies in sculpture to receive an MFA.”

Yoon Hee describes the work in her award-winning portfolio:
“The work in my portfolio focuses on how people show their feelings and thoughts via their faces.  By focusing on facial expressions I can catch many subtle undertones that are not openly and immediately being communicated.  Through drawing, painting and sculpture I am able to grasp and hold on to the exact moment when a person’s emotions are the strongest.  People’s faces and emotions change all the time, yet the face of a person is fully appreciated and understood over time.  Much as our understanding of people intensifies the longer we know them, the more you look at a work of art the more complex their personality becomes.  I prefer acrylic paint rather than the oil paint because it dries faster and is easier to work through changes.  Also, I work in watercolor because I can express softness and roughness at the same time.  Working 3-dimesionally with clay is the most comfortable medium I have ever used because I can freely express what I feel about what I am seeing from all angles and points of view.”

Sonny Lee is a graduate of WT Woodson High School. She is currently attending the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. Sonny chose RISD because it “will provide me with the most challenging courses as well as opportunities to broaden my experience and career in art significantly.”

Sonny describes the work in her award-winning portfolio:
“My portfolio mainly is comprised of figurative works done in acrylic. I get inspired by the people surrounding me as well as how each person interacts with their environment. I try to include figure as the more obvious key to the overall composition, as an object put into an environment and rendered onto the canvas.  I also get inspired working in progress as I see bolder marks I make, bolder colors pop through layers of paint.”

2008 Scholarship Recipients
In 2008, the League of Reston Artists awarded four $1000 scholarships. The recipients of these art scholarships were: Meghann Altomare,Terra Chapman, Aaron Eby and So Yeon Kim.

Meghann Altomare is a graduate of Westfield High School. She is enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Terra Chapman is a graduate of Chantilly High School. She is attending at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

Aaron Eby is a graduate of Lake Braddock High School. He attended the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, Maryland.

So Yeon Kim is a graduate of W.T. Woodson High School. She is enrolled at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

2007 Scholarship Recipient
In 2007, the League of Reston Artists awarded a $1000 scholarship to Anastasia Demson, a graduate of Oakton High School. Anastasia continued her art education at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Art.

2006 Scholarship Recipient
2006 was the inaugural year of the revised scholarship program for the League of Reston Artists. That year, a $1000 scholarship was awarded to Min Jung Kim, a graduate of Chantilly High School. Min Jung enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Art in 2006 and will be the first of our scholarship recipients to graduate this spring.