Exhibit: Mark
September 5 – October 1, 2017
Juror: Charles Jean-Pierre
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 14, 6:30–8:00 pm

by Octavia Frazier, winner of The Art League Best in Show Award

Q&A With Juror Charles Jean-Pierre

TAL: What were your initial interpretations of the theme “Mark?” What does an artist’s mark mean to you?
CJP: I think it’s important to make your mark on the world. I think all of the artists that I selected are making their mark. In my own work, I make crude marks. My signature lines are intended to show movement–they denote delineation from one side to the other. When I think of marks I think of making a permanent statement that’s unique to the individual.

TAL: What did you notice about the artists’ interpretations of the theme? 
 The interpretations were vast. I loved the abstract work, and the photography was breathtaking. I appreciated the use of color in the interpretation of the theme.

TAL: What do you look for in a successful work of art? 
 As an academic, it’s important to see the elements of art and principles of design implemented in an effective matter. I also looked for vibrancy and a light that emitted from the works of art.

TAL: What medium(s) did you find strongest? 
 I loved the acrylic work. I think it’s because I work with acrylics most often. The works that had a strong message were my top choices. I think artists should only submit their strongest works of art—sending weaker pieces affects the perception of the strongest piece.

TAL: Is there anything you wish you had seen more of? Less of? 
 I would have loved to see more experimentation. I am a multimedia artist and it’s fun to see when artists go beyond the norm.

TAL: Was there a common subject matter that kept surfacing? 
 The subject matter was vast. I decided to focus on execution. I was looking for a cohesive level of implementation and finish throughout all the works.

TAL: What were the unselected works lacking? What advice do you have for our artists?
 I wish I could have included more artworks. Sometimes works don’t fit a particular exhibit but are still exhibition worthy. Keep creating! Keep thinking and keep making your mark. Put in 10,000 hours of practice and experiment and read about the world. There are artists that know nearly everything there is to know about art but know nothing about the world. I believe that when you are inspired by the world, art comes easy.

TAL: What drew you to the award winners? What made “Feeling the Force” by Octavia Frazier and “Sin of Innocence” by Elaine Qiu stand out from hundreds of entries?
 The two works spoke to me. They were stylistically unique and utilized color like no other. I was so impressed with the color and wanted to see more from those artists. The other artworks they submitted were just as strong. Their second and third entries helped me understand their trajectory. Their other pieces were cohesive within their body of work.

TAL: What do you hope the viewer takes away from this exhibit?
 I intend to leave the viewers inspired. I hope people come away with a smile and a light in their hearts. I think the works that were selected were a true expression of individuals making a unique mark.

TAL: Can you describe the show you juried in three words? 
 Raw. Clean. Expressive.