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artRESTON at lake Anne

posted Oct 8, 2014, 9:35 AM by League of Reston Artists Webmaster   [ updated Nov 19, 2014, 8:37 AM ]

artRESTON is hung and looks wonderful.  Holding the number of pieces down allowed everything to “breathe”.

Thank you for all the wonderful volunteers, including Sharon Pound, Melanie Stanley, Loy McGaughy, Antonella Manganelli, Anita Damron, Marie Wright, Steve McGregor, Rudy Guernica, George Thigpen, Fran Rowan, Karen Hutchison, Karen Danenberger and Jim Schlett.  We got everything up in record time! 

Our judge, Ann Barbieri will be by tomorrow and we will announce our winners at the

RECEPTION this SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 2-4pm.  

As always, your sweet and savory dishes are welcomed. 

Please extend the invite to all your friends so they can enjoy the wonderful poems (and perhaps buy something).  I was excited to see than many, if not  most, of the artists wrote their own!


Follow this link
   to a wonderful article on Modern Reston blog written by Charlotte Geary about our artRESTON Imagist exhibit.


Thanks for asking me to judge.  It was a pleasure to see what League artists are doing.  I went once early in the week to give a cursory look, then went back today to make sure that the things that jumped out at me the first time were the same things that jumped out at me the second time.  And they were!  But then I saw a few more that merited attention.  In the end I had to narrow it down to six awards but please remember artists: I'm just one judge, with my way of looking at things. Just keep painting, another judge will respond to your work.

Although I was not judging any text included with the paintings, some of the writing made it quite enjoyable to look at.

First prize goes to "Down the Garden Path" by Karen Dannenberger.  It was a lovely unprepossessing little painting.  I loved the use of light. It was very painterly and strongly felt.

Second prize goes to "Mountain Highway" by Rudy Guernica. This drew me right in.  Sometimes something succeeds not because it took great pains to make, but because it was a good idea, done with clarity and conviction.  I also appreciated the use of yupo paper, with which I'm not too familiar, so it had the plus of being a little experimental.

Third prize goes to "Ocean Flower" by Anita Damron.  Another small gem, this one in glass mosaic.  Each piece seemed perfectly contrived to add to the overall scene.  The composition was elegant.  I liked both pieces that the artist submitted but this one seemed to work a little better for me.

Honorable Mention goes to "Thorns and All" by Gennara Moore.  The artist was brave to take a hackneyed subject like a heart and push it further.  I thought the painting was very skillful.  I also liked the text included with this work.  

Honorable Mention goes also to "A Drive in the Country on a Drizzling Day".  It did something that a work of art is supposed to: Surprise the viewer. The color was restrained and just beautiful and the subject matter original.  I think the fact that it was on paper added to its appeal.

My judges award goes to "View from Mountain Lodge" by Norma Lasker, another small and unassuming, but beautifully painted oil.  The artist seemed to have tuned everything out but what was in front of her. One could look at it again and again.

As you can see from my comments, each of these works spoke to me in a special way.  Assigning numerical preferences was almost arbitrary. You are all No. 1 in my book!

Though I'm out of awards, I'd like to mention two works, "Shout" and "Feelings" both by Octavia Frazier.  In this case the text referred to the actual creating of the painting and went hand and hand with it.  I appreciated the artist's willingness to be vulnerable. "Shout" reminded me of one of the first paintings I ever submitted for a show.  It was going for something big.  Both paintings made me smile.

Thank you,  Ann Barbieri