Hello and Greetings,

It is hard to believe that almost half of 2014 has passed and LRA has had a great year. We have added about 20 new members, have had the largest number of exhibitions either held or planned in our history, a good number of sales at the exhibitions, generated positive write-ups in several local media venues and held an ArtNight at the Parkridge 5 location.

As many of you are aware, over the past 2 years, we have added several new exhibition venues with the same group of about 6 core volunteers who act as “Coordinators” for these events. In recent months, we have uncovered the possibility of addition venues for more exhibitions. However, to take on that work, we need a few more volunteers to coordinate the exhibitions. We have mentors-coaches who can guide you in this work, as well as documented instructions on the various activities in handling an exhibition. Without a few new volunteers, we may have to pass up on these opportunities.

See the Volunteer page here!

Since we have no paid employees, all of our activities depend on volunteers from the LRA membership. That’s what keeps this organization going and in the last few years, growing. While I know almost everyone has a busy schedule, please contact me to volunteer so we can take advantage of more possibilities to display and showcase LRA work.

Jim Schlett
League of Reston Artists (LRA)