This is the 3rd year that we have had a show at the Ernst Center – NVCC Annandale campus. This year the show was judged by Betzi Robinson and below are her observations regarding the show and awards. Congratulations to everyone. This is a fabulous show and thank you to all that participated. The show will be there through October 7th, so if you haven’t been by there is still time.

Commentary. This is indeed an eclectic show is and it is good to see so many styles, techniques and ideas represented. Obviously this is a group that loves to create works of art.

At the Pro-Immigrant Parade by Ruth Sievers For Best in Show—This is a work that seemed to walk off the wall toward me when I entered the gallery. It is no mean feat to create a work with that kind of impact. The composition and technique are excellent. The color planes of the clothes create a design which frame the faces of the young men and allow the viewer to concentrate on the sensitive rendering of the faces of the young men. An unusual choice of subject which is a totally successful , powerful; work of art. Congratulations to the artist.

Welcome Aboard by Pat Coates: For First Place–“welcome Aboard” is another wonderful idea and evokes the world of Art Deco just perfectly. Really excellent, skillful handling of the paint and dramatic composition. Each time I stopped to look at it, I found more to enjoy about it. I consider it to be a work of lasting excitement, something to keep going back and back to view. What more could one ask of an art work?

Alexandria Lights by Barbara Frazier: 2nd place–Alexandria Lights”–It was a pleasure for me, as a watercolorist to find a work that was such a delicate handling of the medium. The glow of the lights gave it a dimension of mood and place that is not easy to express in a cityscape. This is a small work compared to the other two paintings but its charming spirit held its own very well among the larger works.

Fantasy Garden by Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz: 3rd place–“Fantasy Garden” The handling of exuberant , flowing color make this work outstanding. The organic forms and interconnecting movement of shapes and line are a delight to those who love color. A very creative, spirited work.

Wisteria Dreams by Virginia Lloyd-Davies: 4th place==Wisteria –An Asian brush painting of real elegance and refinement . This painting truly captured the spirit of the plant and conveyed its delicacy and beauty so well. One could almost sense the aroma of spring emanating from the work.

Misty View by Karen Hutchison: Honorable Mention–Misty View–I feel this is an homage to Turner, beautifully and very subtlety rendered. The range of color was handled with effective restraint which conveyed a peaceful mood of the subject matter.

Bette- Party On! by Rosemary Gallick: Honorable Mention–“Betty–What a lively, creative and fun approach to the subject. Clearly a good deal of work went into making this painting and the result was a painting that puts a smile on the face of the viewer and results in a cheerful moment.

Commentary–I was very impressed with all the photographs.

Although few in number compared to the paintings, all of them had something different and interesting to offer in their approaches.

Tea Time by Maureen Costantino 1st–Tea Time: This was a Zen photograph to me–beautifully understated color, elegant design contrasting the straight lines with the curves of the tea bowls and muted changes of values. A lovely work.

Fork Dreams by Jan Bender 2nd==Forks–a black and white expression of light and dark shapes. Very original idea which elevated mundane tools for eating into fine art. The most interesting work.

Children in the Street, Tanzania by Patricia Deege 3rd–The charm of the children was irresistible / Wonderful color and for anyone who has ever tried to get children to stay still in a line, an impressive feat. Just a delightful picture.

Memories by Jim Schlett 4th–Memories–This was one of the most painterly photos. Lovely lines of the trees and interesting color make “memories” memorable.

Chitwan Cook by Dawn Murphy Honorable Mention The Chitwan cook—At first look., an uncomplicated picture but one with a poignant universality. An impressive work of deceptive simplicity.