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FotoWeek DC Announces International Awards Competition Winners

posted Nov 6, 2011, 11:58 AM by League of Reston Artists Webmaster


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FotoWeek DC Announces International Awards Competition Winners

Washington, DC [October 13, 2011] – The winning images in the 2011 FotoWeek DC International Awards Competition have proven to be the most stimulating and evocative in the festival’s four year history. With over 5,600 submissions from 44 countries, the panel of judges had a challenging, yet rewarding task. 


“Along with stunning art photography and exciting commercial work, many of this year’s entries had a powerful social message. Themes of social justice, human rights, and environmentalism lent a particular poignancy to so many of the images we reviewed,” said FotoDC Founder and Executive Director, Theo Adamstein. “These are photographs with the power to change the way we view our world.”


The following is a listing of the competition winners:



Photojournalism/Social Documentary                             Fine Art

1st Place: Pedro Pardo                                                      1st Place: Alessandro Belgiojoso 
2nd Place: Glenna Gordon                                                2nd Place: Michael Borek
3rd Place: Marco Longari                                                 3rd Place: Michael JN Bowles     

Honorable Mention: Sebastian Meyer                              Honorable Mention: Nicolo Sertorio

Honorable Mention: Pedro Pardo                                     Honorable Mention: Caroline Space


Commercial                                                                      Portrait

1st Place: Cade Martin                                                      1st Place: Brandon Thibodeaux
2nd Place: Peter McBride                                                  2nd Place: Monika Merva
3rd Place: Sam Kittner                                                      3rd Place: Chris Usher
Honorable Mention: Cade Martin                                     Honorable Mention: Muriel Hasbun        


Contemporary Life                                                          Travel

1st Place: Val Proudkii                                                      1st Place: Serli
2nd Place: Michael Zeller                                                  2nd Place: James Morgan
3rd Place: Peter Dazeley                                                   3rd Place: Aristide Economopulos/The Star Ledger
Honorable Mention: Val Proudkii                                    Honorable Mention: Val Proudkii

Honorable Mention: Yacouba Tanou                               Honorable Mention: Daniel Bedell



Single Image                                                                     Portfolio

1st Place: Nick Minton                                                      1st Place: Gabriel Romero
2nd Place: Gabriella Demczuk                                          2nd Place: Jared DiMartine
3rd Place: Robert Gomez                                                  3rd Place: Chong Kok Yew

Honorable Mention: Gabriel Romero                               Honorable Mention: Pavla Teie

Honorable Mention: Samatha Shuma                               Honorable Mention: Omar A. Juarez



Photojournalism/Social Documentary                             Fine Art

1st Place: Pedro Pardo                                                      1st Place: Josh Rushling
2nd Place: Jahi Chikwendiu                                              2nd Place: Harold Ross
3rd Place: Aris Messinis                                                   3rd Place: James Crable

Honorable Mention: Julie Glassberg                                Honorable Mention: Jimmy Williams

Honorable Mention: Gabriela Bulisova                            Honorable Mention: Andreas Franke      


The Natural World                                                          

1st Place: Peter McBride       
2nd Place: Gaston Lacombe 
3rd Place: Mary Clay Berry

Honorable Mention: Robin Moore

Honorable Mention: Josephine Elizabeth Cox



Spirit of Washington                                                        General

1st Place: Julie Flygare                                                      1st Place: Jocelyn Augustino
2nd Place: Alyona Vogelmann                                          2nd Place: Skip Brown
3rd Place: Paulette Waltz                                                  3rd Place: Michael DeAngelis

Honorable Mention: Devon Rowland                              Honorable Mention: Guillermo Cervera

Honorable Mention: Chantal Dussuel                                   



1st Place: MediaStorm
2nd Place: Peter McBride
Honorable Mention: James Morgan

Honorable Mention: Amelia Kunhardt


The committee of judges was comprised of 25 photography specialists. They included photo editors, world-renowned photographers and curators.

The 2011 winners received over $20,000 in cash prizes across 14 photography and new media categories. The contest was open to professional and amateur photographers from the Washington, DC region and beyond. 


The International Awards Competition winning images will be on display in a special exhibition at FotoWeek Central located at 1800 L St. NW, Washington, DC. FotoWeek Central will be open to the public during the FotoWeek DC Festival: November 5-12, 10 AM to 7 PM daily.  Admission will be free of charge; advance or on-site registration will be required. Another highlight of FotoWeek Central will be the Thumbnail Show, featuring every image submitted for the awards competition.


For more information regarding FotoDC or FotoWeek DC, please go to:  http://www.fotoweekdc.org.




About FotoDC

FotoDC is a non-profit organization that evolved from a city-centric annual photography festival, FotoWeek DC, founded in 2008. In 2010, FotoWeek DC grew to FotoDC, an organization dedicated to year-round tributes to photography in all its forms.  FotoDC celebrates the transformative power of photography through the exhibition of inspiring and provocative images, diverse programming, and collaboration with the local and international community.  FotoDC / FotoWeek DC provides a dynamic, evocative, engaging experience for photographers, cultural institutions, galleries, curators, schools, area residents and visitors to the Nation's Capital.  FotoWeek DC continues to play a central role in FotoDC programming, with its annual festival in November.