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Signs of Summer at Parkridge 5 Awards

posted Aug 5, 2014, 4:45 AM by League of Reston Artists Webmaster   [ updated Aug 5, 2014, 4:46 AM ]
The judging of the 'Signs of Summer' Exhibit at the Parkridge 5 location has been completed. The judge, Helen Goodrum, is both a painter and photographer. She is a Northern Virginia artist with a degree in photography and continued studies in the fine arts program at GMU. She has expressed to me that it was an enjoyable experience for her and saw talent in many of  the pieces entered in the exhibit. Below are the winners in both painting and photography as well as her shared comments on the selected pieces. 

1st Place:  PEACH CABBAGE ROSES, by Patricia Deege

                                Archival  Photograph

                This photo has form, color, composition and focus that places it at the top. 

                The color, and subtle value variations in the rose, capture its richness in the

                full bloom  of summer.


2nd Place:  VIRGINIA BLUES, by Jim Schlett

                                Photograph (on Canvas)

             This photo is well executed with an overall compelling style.  

One’s eye is drawn from the mass of blue flowers in the foreground to the dark,

tall trees in the  back.


3rd Place:  YELLOW ROAD, by David Moore


              This photo has great form, line and composition.  One’s eye is led by the yellow

  buildings, and the diagonal tree branches.  Very well executed photo.


Honorable Mention:  DEATH VALLEY CLOUD, by JoAnne Henck

                                Digital Photograph

             This photo has good composition.  The mountains in the background provide a nice

contrast to the sharp angles In the sand dune.  One can almost feel the heat.



Oils, Acrylics, & Other Medium:

1st Place:  FRUIT BASKET, by Nina Sokolova


            This picture is well composed and executed.  One’s eye is carried around the picture

and  goes back to the richness of the basket of fruit.  The dark and light table sections at the

bottom of the picture provide a solid setting for the colorful fruit and vines above.  A beautiful

picture that captures the essence of summer.


2nd Place:  SNOWSHOE’S DARK TREES, by Norma Lasher

                                Oil on Board

            This picture has wonderful form, line, color and composition, and it is

well executed.  Though it does not have the bright colors of summer, it has many

subtle shades of greens, blues and yellows , that provides a feeling of the richness

of nature.


3rd Place:  PEELING ORANGE, by Cheryl Parsons

                                Oil on Canvas

                This picture has great color and visual impact.  The stark contrast between

                the orange peel against the black background is captivating.

                The composition is well done, as is the execution of the painting.  Makes me want to

                take a bite.


Honorable Mention:  SWALLOWTAILS & PURPLE CONEFLOWERS, by Ruth Sievers


                This picture has good composition and color.  The yellow butterflies against the

                purple hues of the coneflowers adds spark to the picture.  The many shades

                of green add to the overall richness and appeal of the composition.

Congrats to all of our winners!
Karen Hutchison
Exhibit Chair