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RPS Volunteer Meeting Recap

posted Feb 1, 2013, 9:54 AM by League of Reston Artists Webmaster   [ updated Feb 4, 2013, 4:36 AM ]

A meeting was held and went very well with a new set of volunteers discussing and dividing up the activities of The Reston Photographic Society.

Terri Parent a new member has agreed to take the position of Director of RPS and V.P. of LRA. Terri has considerable experience with other art organizations and will be of great benefit to RPS. Terri will also be exhibit coordinator for the RPS PhotoArt show at Lake Anne in Oct which will include a reception. Dates need to be verified. Terri will be scheduling RPS meetings with speakers and items of interest to photographers.

Doreen Montis will be exhibit coordinator for the RPS USGS Show in July.  Doreen will also help with putting out RPS newsletters.  She will work with Sharon Kennedy, who is taking the lead, on Nature Visions annual print collection, return and judging, which take place in the fall.

Kristen Grish could not make the meeting but has offered to help with newsletters, exhibits and other areas.

Jim Schlett’s exhibits group will continue to handle the mixed media art shows and the Reston Chamber shows in addition to assisting with the RPS shows.

Special thanks to all volunteers who help make RPS a great organization!