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RPS PhotoArt 2011 Winners

posted Nov 6, 2011, 12:25 PM by League of Reston Artists Webmaster

The art staff at RCC Lake Anne were very impressed at the work displayed at this show . This a tribute to all that entered. Thanks to Carla Steckley who gave out the awards and read the judges comment since the judge was pulled away with a family situation.  Thanks to Stan Schretter and Sharon Kennedy who set up the food and drink tables

The Winners Are:  

First Place – Carla Steckley – Japanese Maple Detail

Second Place – Karen Rozbicki Stringer – Entryways

Third Place – Patricia Deege – Wood Siding and Old Lace

Honorable Mention – Sharon Kennedy – Please Identify

Honorable Mention – Dawn Murphy – Nymph Lake Reflection

Honorable Mention – John Henry Boes – Candy Lights

Honorable Mention – Guran Ekborg – Manhattan Borough,  NY

Honorable Mention – Carla Steckley – Lotus

Congratulations to all and especially to new members
Dawn Murphy, John Henry Boes and Doreen Montis.