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New Display Opportunity - Contact Us By Nov. 9

posted Nov 6, 2011, 1:52 PM by Rudy Guernica

The volunteers for this effort, Gene Morris, Charlene Schulz, Gennara Moore and Jim Schlett met with a representative from Cassidy Turley to review the space and discuss this potential relationship.   They are looking for a long term relationship with LRA.

I am delighted to let you know that we believe this can be a great addition for displaying your work.   The Real Estate Company said they would be willing to provide a "hanging system" which we had provided to them in terms of specifications.  They also indicated they would be willing and eager to have the first display start in December of this year.   They also mentioned that usually hold a "tenant event" around December 14-15 and they could try to coordinate that with our reception. 

The building is located at 10780 Parkridge Blvd, in Reston (Parkridge 5).    Each end of the building has a large, 2-story lobby with a great deal of window light and is suited for the display of very large pieces of art or photographs.  Due to the layout of the lobbies and windows, most of the display space in that area is well above normal eye level.  For that reason, we believe that the minimum size piece should be 36 inches (one-side) in the lobbies.

In addition, there is a long, well lit, ground floor hallway that connects one lobby to the other end of the building, which would be ideal for any size work and that hallway gets a considerable amount of foot traffic.  I would estimate the hallway to be at least 100 ft long.

In order to get ready for this opportunity on such short notice (and see if it is even realistic for December), we would need to get an idea of how many of our members would be interested in being part of this initial project.  The show would probably be set up in the first week of December and last for 3 full months, followed by the changing of work in March 2012.     Please let me know by next Wednesday, November 9, if you are interested with your name, the number of pieces you wish to display and the approximate size.   For example:

Michelangelo,     5 paintings, about 4 ft (48") x 6 ft (60")

Ansel Adams,    8 photographs,   16" x 20"

Once we know if we have enough work available, we will coordinate an actual registration prior to the show. 

In addition we will also be looking at another of their buildings at 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive (home of the Reston Association) for possible shows in 2012.

Best regards,

Jim Schlett