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LRA Summer Updates

posted Aug 6, 2012, 6:07 AM by Rudy Guernica

I hope your summer is as busy, creative and fun as mine has been so far!! I wanted to take a few minutes and give you a few summer updates as our Board continues to be busy managing exhibits and other key aspects that keep LRA afloat.


Board Member Update

Ellis Rosenberg, who has been our faithful LRA Vice President and RPS Chair for eight years, is officially resigning so he can focus his time on a new business venture. I can't say enough about Ellis's contribution to LRA and I know that he is almost single-handedly responsible for the success LRA has seen over the past several years with its special interest group, the Reston Photographic Society.  We will all miss Ellis as an active member of the LRA Board and wish him the best on his new venture and opportunity.  Please see below for a statement from Ellis on his departure.


Volunteer Needs

We have tried filling big roles in the past with little success, so now we’re trying to fill specific jobs or tasks that need to be completed.  We are working on a way to make these easily available for sign-up and completion, so please stay tuned for more information.  Until then, here are a few key things that we need volunteers to fill.  If you’re interested, please email me at president.LRA@gmail.com.


Open Position


Estimated Commitment

Exhibits Logistics Coordinator: Assist Show Chairs with printing labels and certificates, finding Judges, coordinating entries, verifying payments, etc.

As Needed

5 hours a month

Draft and Send LRA Newsletter: Research content and draft a newsletter that informs all our LRA members on upcoming events and art-related happenings in the community


5 hours a month

Meeting Coordinator: Plan meetings for all LRA members including securing guest speakers, setting agendas, communicating to members, etc.

Meetings To Be Held Bi-Monthly

3 hours a month

Nature’s Vision Coordinator:  Coordinate RPS Submissions to the annual Nature’s Vision Expo


60 hours

Website Coordinator: Edit content submitted by members and Show Chairs to post on the LRA website.  Website is run using Google Sites, which is simple to update and maintain.


2-5 hours a week



Several opportunities are coming up or already here!  If you’re interested in serving on the Exhibits Committee as an active coordinating member or Show Chair, contact Jim Schlett at Exhibits.LRA@gmail.com.



Aug 1-31: it’s a beautiful display and a great turn-out of LRA artists.  View the exhibit any time during the week, regular business hours.  The reception is planned for August 15.  Please see the website for more information.


SOLO SHOW at Reston Association (RA)

One person shows to be held there starting ASAP, and afterwards which should start the first of each month.  No cost to the artist.  The location is 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA.  See the email sent by LRA Exhibits Committee Chair, Jim Schlett, or contact Exhibits.LRA@gmail.com for more information.


NEW Parkridge Show

Current show comes down on Saturday, September 8.  Next new show goes up Saturday, September 15.  We are trying something new and reserving the empty space furthest down the hall for any LRA artist or photographer who won an award over the past year to re-display that work for free.


RPS Photography Show at USGS

During the month of November, Rich Pina will be the coordinator for this show and more information coming soon!



We would via email reopen the Barnes and Noble display opportunity for LRA members in November for shows in 2013 from January to June.   No cost to enter.



We have two meetings planned between now and the end of the year for our members to get together and share creative thoughts and conversation.  Specific dates/times to be decided!


·         October, LRA Member Get Together - at JoAnn Rose Gallery

·         December, LRA Holiday Social - hosted by LRA Member, Gennara Moore



The Board has continued to discuss its challenges with managing membership and the demands of annual renewal, payments, welcoming new members, keeping up with existing members, etc. Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz has graciously volunteered to be responsible for managing membership and payments temporarily.  The hope is that once the database is up to date and a simplified process has been established, no changes to the way we handle membership will be required.  However, if by the end of the year, we continue to struggle with the amount of time and effort required to manage things as they are, we will change the membership process for 2013.  More information will be shared with our members as we make progress and decisions.


Ellis’s Goodbye Message

Dear Members; It is with regret that I am tendering my resignation as V.P. of LRA and director of RPS.  I am involved in a new business startup which will take my available time. I have enjoyed my last eight years and will continue as a member and hope to keep in touch with all the friends I have met over the years. I will also continue along with Sharon Kennedy to represent RPS with the Nature Visions Expo since we are a good way through the exhibit planning. I will assist anyone in who is willing to take this position over and hope that someone does. Thanks.


LRA Member Request

I am considering renting space in Great Falls as studio space, but I need more artists to share the rent.  Please email me at MyArtandSoul@gmail.com if you are interested.  Mary Ellen Mogee


Megan Nehr

LRA President