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posted May 23, 2012, 6:02 PM by Rudy Guernica

Thank you to those of you who attended the Volunteer Mentor portion of the Monday meeting!  It was great to see you and I'm looking forward to working with a group of active and enthusiastic volunteers to make LRA a better organization!  If we missed you, we hope to see you next time!  We have so many opportunities we could pursue, and no shortage of great ideas, we just need to focus some of our energy on making sure we have a strong foundation!  A special thanks to the several new volunteers who stepped forward to fill critical roles. If you'd like to help too, send me an email!

Charles Neenan volunteered to manage LRA Membership!  This will make a huge impact on member communications and payments.  I thank Charles on behalf of all our many members for taking on this role for the next year!  I hope with Charles's leadership, we will benefit more as LRA members, work better together and be more active and engaged in LRA events and activities.

Rich Pina volunteered to continue to manage social media.  The Exhibits Committee and other members have suggested a few new places LRA should announce shows and receptions.  Rich committed to writing up the process in our shared documents for each of the places he posts LRA updates.  Thanks Rich for a job well done and we look forward to learning more about the process!

Debby Bird volunteered to monitor and update the LRA website.  Debby has her own blog and offered to help keep the website current with dates of events and deadlines.  Thanks Debby for offering to help out - we're glad to have you as a new member!

Karen Hutchison, Regina Petrecca, Gennara Moore, and Anita Damron offered to attend various meetings of LRA partners.  Thanks ladies for all you do!!

Important DATES
May 26, 5p - RPS PhotoArt Exhibit.  Check out the information on the LRA website by clicking here.

May 30, 5p - Summer Blues Online Registration Deadline.  Check out the information on the LRA website by clicking here.

June 12, 6p - LRA Members Only Social.  Catch up with other LRA members, learn about what we're planning to do (with a little help), enjoy conversation with fellow artists and photographers.  Home of Gennara Moore, 2529 Spanish Moss Court, Reston, VA 20191



Megan Nehr

League of Reston Artists (LRA)