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LRA and RPS Updates

posted Feb 6, 2013, 6:43 PM by League of Reston Artists Webmaster

Three LRA members have stepped up and will be refocusing within our The Reston Photographic Society.  

  • Terri Parent, a new member, has agreed to take the position of Director of RPS and V.P. of LRA. Terri has considerable experience with other art organizations and will be of great benefit to RPS. Terri will also be exhibit coordinator for the RPS PhotoArt show at Lake Anne in October. Terri will be scheduling RPS meetings with speakers and items of interest to photographers. 
  • Doreen Montis will be exhibit coordinator for the RPS USGS Show in July. Doreen will also help with putting out RPS newsletters. She will work with Sharon Kennedy, long-time member, who is taking the lead, on Nature Visions annual print collection, return and judging, which takes place in the fall.   Kristen Grish has offered to help with newsletters, exhibits and other areas. We are very grateful for their efforts.

PR & Communications  

  • Dawn Murphy has volunteered coordinate the LRA public relations and communication efforts.  She has already had information posted in the Fairfax Times about the current Parkridge 5 exhibit and has been busy making contact with other local newspapers and social media sites.  This should create more publicity for LRA and the many exhibits we have.   Within a very short timeframe, Dawn has already had a meaningful impact for LRA


In addition to our current exhibition, we have three more exhibits planned for the Parkridge 5 Building in 2013.  Those exhibits have proved very successful, with sales at every show last year and Turley-Cassidy, (the Real Estate Company that manages Parkridge 5) is also publicity to their tenant's about our changing shows at their sites.  They have also indicated that they may have 2 more buildings available for LRA exhibits later this year after renovations are completed.   In addition, we have 3 group exhibits at the Joanne Rose Gallery at the Lake Anne Community Center and 2 exhibits at the USGS facility.

Notices will soon be emailed out concerning the LRA Meeting later this month and please plan on joining us.   Please note, that we will soon be finalizing our mailing list for the new year and those who have not paid 2013 dues will be removed from mailing, but you can check the LRA web site for information.