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Barnes and Noble Exhibit - Information and Tentative Schedule

posted Nov 6, 2011, 2:04 PM by Rudy Guernica

This is our tentative schedule for the Barnes and Noble space, which we should have for 6 months starting in December.

Each month was allocated in the order that I received your request to use the space.  The Community Relations Manager would like a short bio of each artist/ photographer by around the 15th of each month before you display your work so they can include that information in the B&N monthly newsletter.
December        Charlene Schulz
January             Mary Rainey

February          Sally Skene 

March               Karin Burton
April                 Gene Morris
May                 Nancy Deliso

Here are the Guidelines for B&N display space:
- No nudes or other content that may be considered offensive in a public place.  Remember, parents and children are customers of B&N.
- No prices anywhere – not on your pieces, not in your flyer, not on your labels – no prices – period.
- No adhesives on the walls.  You may not use tape, museum putty or anything other than nails or tacks to hang your pictures and labels.
- There is a 9x11 framed statement about LRA and B&N partnership which must be hung in each exhibit.
Please use Jim Schlett as your first line of contact for LRA 
legalmanager@hotmail.com   202 746 0304
Barnes & Noble, 1851 Fountain Dr, Reston 20190
703-391-0114   Direct: 703-437-8147, Store: 703-437-9490
  • Each artist should be aware when their hanging dates are.  The changeover usually takes place at 8:00 am and MUST be finished before the store opens at 9:00 am on Tuesdays (this is somewhat flexible, but  Mondays are bad, due to the B&N staff meeting).
  • The store has a tall ladder.  The new artist should bring nails (not screws), hanging hooks, hammer, and any other materials they anticipate needing.  There is a 9x11” clear plastic holder for any flyer/information sheet you may wish to prepare (it is not required that you do so).  
  • Optimally, the outgoing artist and new artist should work as a team to changeover the show in the time given.
  • Note that all work must be hung at least 54” off the ground in order to clear the floor signs B&N uses.