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A Great Year for LRA

posted Dec 22, 2012, 10:51 AM by League of Reston Artists Webmaster   [ updated Dec 22, 2012, 10:52 AM ]
Hello and Greetings,
As we bring 2012 to a very successful close, I wanted to give you a summary what we accomplished with regard to our Exhibitions and our many LRA members who participated in the shows. 
We started the year with six new one-person, one-month exhibitions at Barnes and Noble. 
Thanks to the Cassidy Turley Real Estate organization, we also had a new display venue at the Parkridge Building and had 4 excellent exhibitions there over the year and every show had sales.
For the entire year, we continued to hold regular shows at the Reston Chamber of Commerce alternating between our painters and photographers.
We had three separate shows at both the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Building and the JoAnne Rose Gallery at the Lake Anne Community Center.
Again, thanks to the Cassidy Turley Real Estate organization, we also started exhibiting work (one-person shows, each month) at the Reston Assocation Building from September to December.
Despite a weak economy, we sold work at almost all of the group shows and provided approximately $2,000 of awards at our judged group shows, one due to a special gift from Pat Macintyre, a long time Reston artist, member of LRA and champion of the arts.
Attached below is a copy of the various Judged Group Exhibitions for 2012 and our many winners.
I would also like to thank Genny Moore, Karen Hutchison, Regina Petrecca and Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz for all of their extra effort in coordinating, managing and hanging most of our exhibitions for the past year.
We intended to continue this positive trend in 2013 as we added over 25 new members in the past year, We will shortly be sending out a notice about some of the exhibitions we have planned for the first half of the year and we look to more members joining in the excitement of displaying your work in public areas in our community.
Jim Schlett
Exhibition Committee

LRA Exhibitions and Award Winners 2012

USGS Annual Photography Show
November 1- December 7, 2012

The Judge, Nikhil Bahl, viewed and provided comments to all of the photographers about the photos entered into the exhibition. The exhibition showed a great variety of high quality images by members of the LRA and we have also had sales.   There were 45 entries in this show.

GERBER – First Place, Rich Pina
EMBRACE – Second Place, Amie Tannenbaum
MORNING SALUTATION – Third Place, Terri Parent
FLOWERS IN TECHNICOLOR – Honorable Mention, Amie Tannenbaum
MR MANTIS – Honorable Mention, Doreen Montis
CURLY Q – Honorable Mention, Kristen Girsh

Shades of Autumn
Parkridge Building Sept, 2012 - Jan 15, 2013
There were over 90 entries in this show.
Best in show: Maureen Costantino: Autumn Through a Window (Award: $100)
Judge's Choice: Doreen Montis: Tiger Stone Eyed Mantis (Award: $75)
Judge's Choice: Terri Parent: Season's End (Award: $75)
Honorable Mention: Donald Allen: Stonehenge
Honorable Mention: Kristen Grish: Berry Drops

Best in Show: Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz: Migration (monetary award: declined)
Judge's Choice: Gennara Moore: Little Wing (Award: $75)
Judge's Choice: Karen Hutchinson: Autumn Prelude (Award: $75)
Honorable Mention: Norma Lasher: Ghandi
Honorable Mention: Leo Deege: Barn

RCC Lake Anne, October 2012
Uncommon Sense

Best in Show – Jill Banks, Tranquility
First Prize, Co-Winner – Anita Damron, Throwback
First Prize, Co-Winner – Karen Hutchison, White
Prize – Gennara Moore,
Prize – Roberta Thole, March 31st
Judge – Paula Wachsstock
Artists – 19
Artists – 19
# Pieces – 53
# “no’s” – 18 (= 1/3)

USGS SIZZLE Show July-August

Best in Show: Laurie Elyse "The Burdens We Carry" This is a rare 3D piece for us with an interesting background you must appreciate in person.

First Place: Pam Coulter "Lonely Girl"
Second Place: Morgan Johnson Norwood "Night Swimming"
Third Place: Gennara Moore "Edge"
Honorable Mention: Leslie Anthony "Zen" Another new member win.
Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz "Painted Desert"
Loy McGaughy "Sunset"
Regina Perecca "Manhattan Mayhem"
Walter Shaub "Ocean Solitude"

Approximately 75 entries

Reception Wednesday, August 15th from 3-5 at USGS.

RCC Photo Show at Lake Anne, June 2012
Judge Joe MIller
Equal Merit Awards
1- Vicky Eicher – Majestic
2- Vicky Eicher – Do I know You?
3- Amie Tannenbaum – Wrinkles in Time and Space Honorable Mention –
1-Sharon Kennedy - Light painting Abstract
2- Carla Steckley – Live Oak
3- Carla Steckley – Lines in Red and Blue
4- P. Della Chisholm – Winterness
5- Ellis Rosenberg – Doors of DC
There were 71 Entries

Parkridge Show - Summer Blues June- Sept
The Judge for this show, Trish Ratliff, has announced the winners of the exhibit and attended the reception earlier this week and provided a great overview on the paintings and photography. The awards are:

Honorable Mention: Sunflowers in Repose by David Rutkin
3rd Place: Lazy Candence by Kirsten Grish
2nd Place: Too Many Tomatoes by Terry Parent
1st Place: Peace at Dante's Point by Roger Roehr

Honorable Mention: The Seer by Gennara Moore
3rd Place: George Washington River Farm by Leo Deege
2nd Place: Ocean Blues by Karen Hutchison
1st Place: Summer Clouds by Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz

LRA Founders’ Show, Promises Made, April 2012, RCC Lake Anne
The Awards
1st: Spring Bog Iris: Celeste Nikkel
2nd: Exuberance: Melanie Stanley
3rd (lovely brown leaf shadows):Morgan Norwood
Founder's Award: The Studio: Joan Kelly, truly captured the "promise" best

There were over 75 entries

Spring Fling, Parkridge Building,
March - June 2012

$75 - Paint Best in Show (includes mixed media) - Gennara Moore, Burst
$75 - Photography Best in Show - Doreen Montis, Heron in the Fog
$50 - First Prize (all photos and paint) - Jim Schlett, Painted Ladies, SF
$35 - Second Prize (all photos and paint) - Charlene Fuhrman-Schulz, Cascading
$25 - Third Prize (all photos and paint) - Anita Damron, Acceptance
Honorable Mentions
  • Karen Mullarkey, Graffiti Reef: Hidden Cenote
  • Terri Parent, Morning Peony
  • Regina Petrecca, Manhattan Mayhem
There were approximately75 entries

USGS Mixed Media Art Show Painting:
February 2012

Best of Show:
Fairfax Lake Park, Anita Damon
1st Place: Skipping Stones, Gennera Moore
2nd Place: Slow Day at Market, Norma Lasher
3rd Place: Volcano, Celeste Friesen-Nikkel
Honorable Mention:
Purple Haze 1, Karen Hutchison
Daisies and Apples, Anita Damon   
Best of Show: Three for Three, Richard Pina
1st Place: School of Jellies, Doreen Montis
2nd Place: Figurine and Shadow, Ellis Rosenberg
3rd Place: Courting King Penguins, Vicky Eicher
Honorable Mention:
Grassy Key Sunset, Gerry Rosenberg
Waves of Sulphur, Patricia Deege