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Reston District Police Station and Governmental Center


This project is open to professional artists living in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. Artists must be over the age of 18. Students are eligible to apply only as part of an artist team, which is supervised at all times by a lead professional artist over the age or 18. Recipient must be able to receive payment from Fairfax County as a legal vendor.

Project Overview:

The existing Reston Police Station and Governmental Center is located at 12000 Bowman Town Drive, Reston, VA, close to downtown Reston Town Center . The facility, which houses the police station, Hunter Mill District Supervisors office, and community room was originally built in the 1980s, and has been a fixture in the community since that time. The existing building no longer meets the current and future needs of the community, therefore, the existing building will be demolished and a new facility built in its place. The new Reston Police Station and Governmental Center, which is currently under construction, will be located on the same site as the existing facility. Public art is planned for the east side of the site so that it may be viewed from the Community room, by visitors as they enter the building, and by the public as they walk and drive along the adjacent street. Included is a site plan showing the general location for public art, and renderings of the new facility.

Public Art Goals:

Incorporate artwork into the facility as a demonstration of the County’s commitment to public art, and the idea that public art helps define a community.

  • The artwork must reflect the character of the Reston Community.
  • The artwork must engage the visitors and invite them into the facility.
  • Create an icon or landmark that makes the Governmental Center Building and surrounding area a memorable place
  • Reinforce the idea that public art is of value to the community.

Submission Requirements:

Each application requires an on-line application through CAFe and must include the following:

 - 3 works (2 views each for a total of 6 images).

 - Resume highlighting experience, including completed site-specific artwork/or public commissions


The project budget for the selected commission is $65,000, inclusive of all expenses including but not limited to design, fabrication, installation, travel, taxes and fees.

Project Timeline:

All submission packages shall be received on café no later than 4 p.m., local prevailing time, October 21, 2013. Submissions received after this date or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Interviews from a short list of selected artists are projected to be held in November 2013.

Questions related to this request for qualifications should be directed Kimberly Callahan of the Building Design Branch, Building Design and Construction Division at 703-324-5800 or TTY: 711