A Message About Artscapade - Please Get Involved!

posted Jun 21, 2010, 5:21 AM by League of Reston Artists Webmaster   [ updated Jun 21, 2010, 5:23 AM by Rudy Guernica ]
Dear LRA Members,  
Plans are underway for the ArtsCapade Event for October 23 & 24 at Dulles Station....an eclectic fine arts escape!  This event is not going to be the usual arts festival...we are adding more categories to the types of art - visionary artists including computer generated art (we are in a technology corridor), photography, art made from unique materials, oils, acrylics, watercolor, sculpture and more....
I wanted to bring you up-to-date on what is happening and how you can help.
1.  Site Plan - Alfonso Ong and Ellis Rosenberg has developed a site plan which will include about 110 artists booths and 10-12 food vendors and other activity tents including a beer & wine garden, children's activities, center stage for entertainment.  The plan permits are underway with the county.
2.  Artist's Call - Kerin McBride has entered the event on www.zapplication.org as a call for artists.  This site reaches the entire country.  In addition we will be emailing to a list of artists we have compiled from various art's events.  We will also be on all the local events calendars.  (If you have contacts or suggestions...please send asap).  This will be a juried event. (We are planning a tent for LRA members who are volunteers to show some pieces for free.)
3. Food Vendors - we are putting the finishing touches on the contracts for food vendors and civic organizations.  If you contact a food vendor you must give them this contract as there are a lot of legalities with food and cooking.
4. Business Partners -  final copy was finished on the sponsors/partners brochure and we will be going to press this week. There will be a sample letter to present to potential partners.  Also, there will be a partners contract with various levels of participation.
Below are the committees and the people who are heading each.  Please contact that person to help.
Each committee should set up their own schedules to meet:
I. Overall Show Coordination - Cheryl Parsons, Kerin McBride, Sarah Burton
     contact:  artscapade.info@gmail.com
2. Volunteer and Student Coordination - (need help here) - Josh Yavelberg, Kathy Kautter (after August), Sharon Kennedy - contact:  artscapade.volunteers@gmail.com

3. Site Management -Ellis Rosenberg, Alfonso Ong, Ryan Whittier (will need help during event to keep site clean, manage questions, help artists with set-up, etc.  contact:  erosenberg@cox.net
4.  Graphics/Marketing/Public Relations - Patti Chisholm, Ned Dickert, Megan Nehr, Mike O'Grady, Cheryl Parsons - contact: artscapade.marketing@gmail.com 
5.  Entertainment/Stage Managers - Ryan Whittier, Ned Dickert, Josh Yavelberg - interview and arrange entertainment, set-up schedule, handle stage rentals, help with performers during event.  contact - artscapade.entertainment@gmail.com
6.  Artist's Coordinator - Kerin McBride - advertising to artists, handle inquiries, applications, set-up, judges, awards at the festival.  This is a big job and Kerin is going to need lots of help. Contact: artscapade.artists@gmail.com
7. Food Vendor Coordinators - Lew Azzinaro, Dana Dsverker - to contact restaurants, civic groups, etc. Assist vendors at the festival with their set-up, needs, etc.  Contact: artscapade.vendors@gmail.com
8.  Activities Coordinators (Children's events) - Susan Forth, Sharon Kennedy, Julie Liddle
This committee will start now to involve the community in activities for the children now by contacting schools, children's groups for a project to be presented at the festival.  Need to do the research now to be ready for school time in September.  Suggestion is to let the various classes paint a large canvas or sheet with the theme "Create Your Fantasy World" that would be displayed at the festival. Julie Liddle (organized and handled the children's activities at Wolftrap's International Children's Festival)   Contact: artscapade.kids@gmail.com
9.  Business Partners Coorinators - Cheryl Parsons, Sarah Burton, Dana Sverker, Kent Barnett, Mike O'Grady.  This committee is responsible for finding partners to help support this event.  This will be our largest fund raising event ever and if successful, puts us on the path for our future goal of having a home.   We need research now!  We have access to the Reston and Dulles Chamber members, but we need someone who has time to sit in front of a computer to research local companies, grant opportunities, etc. in Reston, Fairfax, Herndon and Dulles that should be partners.  Please help...this is the most important part of our endeavors...without funding from outside we will not be able to make this happen! Contact: artscapade.partners@gmail.com
You can help in lots of ways....and if you cannot make the meetings..send in your information to the appropriate committee coordinator.....there are a lot of opportunities.
Thank you in advance for your help....

Cheryl Parsons
League of Reston Artists
Cell: 202-607-6223