2011 League of Reston Artists Board of Directors

posted Feb 10, 2011, 5:59 PM by Rudy Guernica   [ updated Feb 10, 2011, 6:02 PM ]
We had a very encouraging General Membership meeting Tuesday night with nearly 20 members attending.  Thank you to everyone who showed up in person or responded to our emails - it's members like you that keep the organization going!!  We hope next time even more of our members will come out to show their support.  Thank you also to everyone who has volunteered during this past year, particularly those who have taken leadership positions as board members.
After an opening presentation from the outgoing President, Cheryl Parsons, all members joined in a discussion about filling 2011 Board of Directors positions and LRA volunteerism.  Several Board Members are willing to continue serving the organization, but there are many open positions and all existing Board Members need additional volunteers to create opportunities for our artists.  During the discussion, members talked about where they were willing to help out, but it was determined that the key missing position was someone for President.
In the absence of a member willing to take on the responsibility for President, Megan Nehr, active LRA member for several years and former Membership volunteer and LRA Webmaster, agreed to act in the President's role until a volunteer is found to fill the position full time.
2011 League of Reston Artists Board of Directors:
Acting President, Megan Nehr:  Megan's goal is to stablize LRA and ensure committed volunteers are in place to run the organization.  Her primary focus will be to ensure all positions are documented, information is available and volunteer positions are clearly defined and easily accessible - we want it to be easy and convenient to volunteer!  Contact Membership.LRA@gmail.com to get involved!  If you're interested in serving as the LRA President, please email President.LRA@gmail.com.
Chair of RPS and LRA Vice President, Ellis Rosenberg:  Ellis has been in this position for 7 years and wants to give it one more year to help transition LRA and get a new leader for RPS. Please click here to view RPS volunteer positions - we need photographers to volunteer and help keep our exhibit opportunities open.  Ellis can be reached at Restonphoto.LRA@gmail.com.
Exhibits Chair, Allen Hart:  Allen has served on the LRA board in prior years and has agreed to manage annual Exhibits with the help of Show Chairs, who will each be responsible for managing a show.  Thank you to Susan Forth who agreed to be our first Show Chair and coordinate the March exhibit at Unitarian Universalist Church.  To help with the March show or sign up to be a Show Chair, please contact Exhibits.LRA@gmail.com.
Treasurer, Kent Barnett:  Kent will continue to serve as treasurer and has done a great job of modernizing our accounting systems and reports. Margaret Bulas, Bookeeper, works with Kent and keeps accounting and membership records.  Kent has agreed to serve on the board through October 2011, so if you're interested in learning more about assisting in this area, please email President.LRA@gmail.com or Treasurer.LRA@gmail.com.
Membership Chair, Jim Schlett:  Jim will continue his great work in this position greeting new members and helping to coordinate volunteers.  We always need more help in this area - if you're interested, please contact Membership.LRA@gmail.com.

Public Relations Chair, Ned Dickert:  Ned will continue to send communications to our members and coordinate public relations.  If you're interested in volunteering in this area, contact Membership.LRA@gmail.com.

Scholarship Chair, Josh Yavelberg:  LRA is most proud of its mission to provide scholarships to area high school students interested in pursuing art.  The 2011 LRA Scholarship program was put on hold due to the transition in board members, but Josh will be working hard to find opportunities for 2012.  If you would like to volunteer to help this important community program, please contact Scholarship.LRA@gmail.com.

Special thanks to Sarah Burton and Alfonso Ong for continuing to support corporate arts and expansion for LRA.  If you have any interest in growing LRA in the community, please contact Membership.LRA@gmail.com.
Still Open Positions:
The Secretary and Webmaster positions are still open, and we are in the process of contacting volunteers to fill the positions.  If you are interested, please contact us right away at Membership.LRA@gmail.com
2011 Membership Dues:
Within the next week, you will receive a message about your 2011 membership dues.  If you have been a member for a full year, dues of $35.00 are due by March 1st.  More information will follow and will include payment options and more ways to get involved to improve your experience as an LRA member.
Thank you so much for your continued support of LRA.


Megan Nehr
Acting President
League of Reston Artists (LRA)
p. 703 554 9852