LRA Exhibit Hanging Rules

All work exhibited in LRA shows must be ready to hang on the wall.

All paintings must be framed, original work. All photographs must be matted and framed under glass. Gallery-wrapped canvases do not have to be framed and are acceptable for both paintings and photographs. All work must be ready for hanging with a proper hanging system: eye hooks or D-rings, strung with wire on either side of the work. This should be located near the top back of the work and the wire should be tight enough that it does not show when the work is hung. LRA reserves the right to refuse work that is improperly presented or unsafe to hang. (Kick-stand frames will not be accepted, frames that are overly worn will not be accepted, glass that is broken will not be accepted, art that is not secure in its frame will not be accepted, etc.) No clips front or back will be accepted. Work that is wet will not be accepted.

A label must be affixed to the back of each piece that contains the following information:
 - Artist's Name
 - Phone number
 - Title of work
 - Medium
 - Price or "NFS" if Not for Sale

Paintings exhibited must be original work. Giclee prints of the artwork can be offered for sale.

Framing on a painting is very is like adding jewelry to a great outfit.  Before framing one of your works that you have spent a lot of time creating; consider 'Does the frame show off my painting. Does it look fresh and is it something I would hang on my own wall.'   An old beat-up or cheap frame does not add to the possibility of selling your work.  Be proud of your creation and give it the prestige it deserves.

Additional Criteria:
#1 Work cannot be displayed at the same venue within 24 months. (If you exhibit a work in Parkridge in Jan 2014, it can come back in Jan 2016.)

#2 Work that wins awards will NOT be eliminated from competition. (Different judges, different opinions.)

#3 Work will not be limited by age. (You can exhibit artwork that is 10 years old.)