The Critique 

An open conversation to discover our artwork in a new light, to overcome a stasis moment of an unfinished artwork, and to better convey the message we want to transmit to spectators.

A group support for the art makers where judgments are banned, and constructive discussions are welcome.

Join us for a relaxed and artful evening. Bring your painting, drawing, sketchbook, or idea to share with us.

Let’s discover where your lines direct us and what your shapes and colors suggest. Learn more about your artwork and what is hidden inside, a constructive game to open a broader vision of our artwork

Meeting will be at RCC Hunters Woods on Thursday, November 3 from 7-9PM. Please email Antonella to sign up at



Antonella Manganelli is a member of the LRA since 2012, she has spent her entire life in art, embracing and experimenting with it through different lenses: as a student, collector, curator, art dealer and artist.

Her interest is in communicating and sharing her vision of life and world through artworks and collaborating with other artists and people who come across her life journey.

She has exhibited her art and curate art shows, throughout Italy in Naples, Rome, and Milan, and in the U.S. in Northern VA, Maryland, Washington DC, and North Carolina.