DECEMBER 3, 2011 - MARCH 3, 2012
Reston Center 1

December 3, 2011 - March 3, 2012
Reston Center 1
10780 Parkridge Blvd (Parkridge 5)
Reston, VA 20191
November 17th – Entry form via website*
December 3rd – 10-11a - Drop Off
December 14/15th - To be confirmed - Reception
March 3rd – 9-10a – Pick-up
  • LRA Members Only - if you would like to become an LRA member, pay member dues here.
  • A Walker hanging system is installed - all work must be suitable for hanging
  • Due to the layout of the lobbies and windows, most of the display space in that area is well above normal eye level, much at the second story level.  For that reason, we believe that the minimum size piece should be at least 36  x 36 inches in the lobbies, although a few slightly smaller pieces might fit in.  
  • There is also a long, well lit, ground floor hallway that connects one lobby to the other end of the building, which would be ideal for any size work and that hallway gets a considerable amount of foot traffic.  We estimate the hallway to be at least 175 ft long.  
  • We are working on obtaining some advance notice of this show in local communications avenues such as newspapers and social media.
  • LRA Artists are invited to this opening installation at no fee; different rules will apply for future exhibits with this partner
  • Please note that we are also working with the same property owner to utilize another one of the office buildings that houses the Reston Association in early 2012 for showcases more of the LRA's works.



None planned - display / sales opportunity only
Jim Schlett
202 746 0304
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