2nd Annual Artscapade

We were fortunate to have dedicated volunteers
and community support and thank
each of them for hours of hard work....

Chaz Kilby & Kimmey Gallagher - (Camden Living) who encouraged LRA for another year of exhibiting at their location since ArtsCapade last year was so successful for their community.
Thanks to:
Vital Hiek of Maison du Vin in Great Falls and Market Cellars in Reston Town Center
Les Zidel of Herndon Art Space
Chaz Kilby & Kimmey Gallagher - Camden Living
Ryan Whittier - Crimson Partners
Mike O'Grady - Stellas Pop Factory
Stuart Maguire - Always Best Care Senior Services
David Catalon - Westin Washington Dulles Hotel
Members of the Greater Reston Chamber and Dulles Chamber
Julie Liddle - Children's coordinator for the International Children's Festival at Wolf Trap
Volunteers that gave so much time included:
Ryan Whittier
- an LRA member and executive with Crimson Partners who offered the site for the event.  Ryan was instrumental in getting the necessary permission needed for permits.
Ellis Rosenberg & Alfonso Ong - for designing the site plan and making the many, many changes needed for the permitting.
Sarah Burton & Dana Sverker - obtaining business partners and endless hours of research and going to business events to meet and tell our story to prospective partners.
Patti Chisholm - for designing all the fabulous graphics - so many hours!
Kerin McBride - giving her expertise to organize the entry process and management of the artist's entries.
Ned Dickert & Megan Nehr - for sending out the eblasts and keeping the website updated.
Susan Forth - for organizing the children's activities and ideas.
Sharon Kennedy - for her ideas for the activities booths.
Michael O'Grady - for designing the ArtsCapade website and offering lots of marketing expertise.
Les Zidel - for endless hours organizing the entertainment schedule and music program.
Stuart Maguire - working with Les Zidel contacting of the food vendors for the event.
Vital Hiek - for supporting our efforts through organizing the wine and beer garden and giving so much time from his busy schedule.
Jeff Burton - for printing the fabulous banner and posters.
Art Yavelberg - providing marketing ideas and organizing the signage for the event.
Regina Petrecca - who was just in the beginning stages of organizing a raffle.
Karen Marlarky - as a participating artist