2/21 RPS ZOOM Guest Speaker Lewis Katz

Reston Photographic Society is pleased to welcome Lewis Katz to our February meeting which will be held via Zoom on Feb 21 at 7:30 PM. Lewis will discuss Perspective and Perception: The Myth of Style. Some background on Lewis and the presentation is below.

Presentation by Lewis Katz

Lewis had a camera in his hand from the age of 14. Inspired by his father he began to explore photography more seriously in high school with a darkroom in the basement. Fast forward many years to his life in Baltimore and his joining the Baltimore Camera Club. Further inspired by his peers Lewis became an award-winning photographer and photography teacher. He currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University, the Community College of Baltimore Country, Capital Photography Center out of DC as well as at the Baltimore Camera Club. He lives for the aha! moments which only teaching can provide.

This presentation delves into the subject of how we as photographers perceive the composition in our viewfinder and how by altering our perspective, even slightly, the image will become more emotional, dramatic and powerful, both to the viewer as well as the photographer. Minor White was once quoted as saying “Every image is a self portrait.” I believe that to be true especially in cases of the photographer having a strong emotional connection to the subject. However this shift in perspective is quite different from developing your own personal “style” of photography. In this presentation I will discuss and demonstrate the myth of style and how searching for it is actually hindering your own creative process.


11/15 RPS ZOOM Guest Speaker Denise Silva

Reston Photographic Society is excited to welcome back Denise Silva as our speaker.  Even though Denise has moved to Montana, Zoom allows us to bring her to the club on November 15 at 7:30 PM. Denis will discuss Textures and Blending.

Denise, a widely recognized professional photographer, is known for her eagerness to share her broad scope of interests and expertise – from in-camera compositions and post-processing – to landscape and wildlife photography – to street photography and urban decay.  In fact, it was watching one of her online interviews, “Overcoming the Challenges of Street Photography,” that I was first introduced to and inspired by Denise. Among her many accolades – is being the featured photographer in “Photoshop User” magazine’s “Who’s Who” in 2015. More recently, Denise was recognized as one of the “Top 200 Women Landscape and Nature Photographers Who Inspire” – and her images have been published in the “Extraordinary Vision” magazine. As if this isn’t enough, a club member, Jerry Taylor, just gave me a heads-up that one of Denise’s images will be published in LensWork’s upcoming “Our Magnificent Planet” 2021 edition. In doing my research, what stood out is her reputation as a passionate educator, one who enthusiastically shares her expertise with students and clients … lecturing at Nature Vision exhibits and creating YouTube videos. Currently, Denise and her partner, Geff Bourke, both with a deep passion for photography and travel, operate “Road Runner Photo Tours,” specializing in small groups of photographers, who are, as they say, “looking to experience new places, build friendships, find photo-companions, and develop technique.”

Textures and Blending – Denise Silva

Take your photography to the next level through the blending of textures. This presentation will challenge you to look at your art in a new way and inspire you to create new images from all those pixels are your hard drives! This presentation focuses on how to use Photoshop layers, masks, and blending modes to create unique art from your collection of images.

10/18 RPS ZOOM Guest Speaker Stanly Bysshe

Our October meeting will be held at 7:30 PM on October 18, 2021, via Zoom. We are fortunate to have Stanly Bysshe Stan is an award-winning nature photographer and he will discuss “Winter in Yellowstone”. His 14 trips to Yellowstone make him the perfect speaker.

Stan’s photographic journey started in the 1960s with a hand me down Nikkormat. But because of his love for scuba diving and marine tropical reef ecology, his equipment and images became dedicated to underwater nature. By 2010 it was time to hang up the fins and when he joined Northern Virginia Photographic Society, Stan was exposed to a whole new world of land based photography. Still nature remained a driving force behind his images.
At NVPS Stan has served on multiple committees and is a Past President. He has given multiple talks to the club and to several local photo clubs as well. In the past he enjoyed teaching underwater photography but over the past six years he has helped lead photo tours to Florida, New Mexico, Washington State, Alaska and Yellowstone National Park. Of his fourteen trips to Yellowstone, five have been during the winter, including this past January. The winter season rapidly became his favorite time of the year to visit the park. While this is by far and away the most challenging season to be in Yellowstone, it can be the most rewarding. Stan will talk about why Yellowstone in the winter is such a magical place, how and where you can get the best images, some techniques for shooting in the winter and how to try and stay warm in a region that routinely records the lowest temperatures in the lower forty eight States.

CBAGuild Regional Art Show

The Colonial Beach Artists’ Guild is sponsoring the Potomac River Regional Art Show 2021 which will be held at Colonial Beach Town Center on weekends from August 14 through August 29. 2021.  Regional artists are eligible to enter their original art work.  Cash prizes will be awarded.

Details regarding the PRR Art Show can be found in the attachments along with an Entry Form.   Entry Deadline is July 25, 2021.

Questions?  Contact Judith McIrvin, Secretary of Colonial Beach Artists’ Guild, 804-410-2025

Torpedo Factory Regional Painting Competition

July 23 – August 22, 2021

Torpedo Factory Artists @ Mosaic |  105 District Ave, Fairfax, VA  22031

Open to 2D artists residing or working in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania working in watercolor, oil, ink, gouache, acrylic, encaustic and mixed media.

JUROR: Phil Hutinet

Juror Awards:
$ 750 Best in Show sponsored by FrameMasters
$ 500 Second Place sponsored by Rhonda Campbell Perry of Campbell Residential Group
$ 150 Third place sponsored by Capitol Hill Art League (CHAL)
$100 Best Watercolor in Show sponsored by Potomac Valley Watercolorists
Honorable Mention Certificates Awarded by Juror
DEADLINE: June 28 2021

Questions? Email us at

4/19 RPS Zoom Guest Speaker Lewis Katz

We are pleased to welcome Lewis Katz to our April meeting which will be held via Zoom on April 19 at 7:30 PM. 

Presentation by Lewis Katz

Lewis had a camera in his hand from the age of 14. Inspired by his father he began to explore photography more seriously in high school with a darkroom in the basement. Fast forward many years to his life in Baltimore and his joining the Baltimore Camera Club. Further inspired by his peers Lewis became an award-winning photographer and photography teacher. He currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University, the Community College of Baltimore Country, Capital Photography Center out of DC as well as at the Baltimore Camera Club. He lives for the aha! moments which only teaching can provide.

By first looking at some black and white images from iconic photographers we will discuss the reasons to convert to monochrome: timelessness, contrast, mood, pattern and emotion. Using personal imagery, the black and white conversion process will be demonstrated using both Lightroom as well as Nik software. Why you should always shoot in color and then convert to monochrome and the importance of the color channels in the conversion process. The emotional impact of black and white versus color will also be discussed. How to create more dramatic and powerful images using contrast as well as creative composition. The program concludes with a brief overview of the Print module in Lightroom to ensure that your prints mirror your monitor. This presentation is a unique combination of the “how to” with the “why and when” which sets it apart from other programs in regard to black and white photography.

Higher Orbits Call for Art

Taking art to new heights — the edge of space
Artists compete to have original works flown to space

Leesburg, Virginia — March 10, 2021 — Art allows imaginations to soar. Artists of all
ages have the chance to compete for their works to fly to the the edge of space on
Space Perspective’s first test flight Neptune One.
Higher Orbits, an educational nonprofit that uses space to promote STEAM by
partnering astronauts and students, is collaborating with Space Perspective, a human
space flight company, for an art competition open to every person on the planet. The Fly
Your Artwork to the Edge of Space Competition starts Wednesday, March 10, and
closes on March 24. Winners’ art will be flown to the edge of space onboard Neptune
“The partnership offers a new platform that inspires folks of all ages to harness their
creativity and explore space, art and Earth in a different way,” said Jane Poynter, Space
Perspective co-chief executive officer. “Art has the power to engage and unite on many
levels, so we can’t wait to see how far imaginations stretch in this stimulating
From climbing mountains and sailing the seas to air travel and spaceflight, humanity
has always sought to go higher and farther, to gain a new and better perspective of our
world. Use this theme to prepare and create projects for the competition.
Artwork must follow these parameters:
On paper no thicker than card stock,
Must be original creation by the submitter,
Artwork may not protrude or extend from the paper itself, and
Each work must not exceed dimensions of 4 inches by 6 inches.
Digital work is acceptable. Limit one piece of art per person.
To submit artwork, upload images at http://bit.ly/FlyYourArtworkToTheEdgeOfSpace. All
entries will be digitally flown to the edge of space, while winners’ art will be physically
flown. Winners must mail their original artwork to be stowed aboard Neptune One. A
panel of judges will select winners in the following brackets:
Ages 0 – 6,
Ages 7 – 11,
Ages 12 – 16,
Ages 17 – 20, and
All other adults.
As with any launch to space, the outcome of the flight or return of artwork is not
guaranteed. All participants will receive a digital certificate of flight after the mission.
“This is a unique chance to be part of this historic flight,” said Michelle Lucas, Higher
Orbits founder. ”We believe that space inspires new perspectives, and we want to share
that with everyone.” For more information about Higher Orbits, visit higherorbits.org or
contact Lucas, media@higherorbits.org.

2/22 RPS Zoom Guest Speaker Frank Lee Ruggles

Guest Speaker Frank Lee Ruggles will address RPS Meeting via ZOOM, 2/22 at 7:30PM.

Frank Lee Ruggles is a Conservation Photographer and artist from Virginia. He has had the honor of serving as a Soldier, Federal Contractor and Federal employee under every Presidential Administration from Reagan through Obama. As a contractor, he performed photographic services for The State Department, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, The Department of Energy, The US Treasury and was the archival photographic printer for the Smithsonian Institution. His favorite assignment however, was as an eminent photographer for the National Park Service’s Digital Imaging Project, which took him to National Parks across all 50 states of the USA.

Now a civilian, Frank has completed his first book, “Chasing Light, and Exploration of the American Landscape” featuring 11 years of National Park Images. His current and most ambitious undertaking is the 79 Years Project, in which he will retrace-and re-shoot the Department of Interior’s 1941-42 Mural Project, originally captured on 8×10 film by Ansel Adams. Frank will re-shoot each photograph from the Mural Project on the same day of the year using the same 8×10 film gear that Adams used. When completed, the project will highlight (through comparison of the two sets of images) just what we have lost and what we have managed to save in America’s National Parks over the course of 79 years. Frank chose this unusual interval because 79 years is the average lifespan of an American Citizen. He also has the honor of serving as the first Artist Ambassador for the National Park Trust. He can be usually found exploring, photographing or lecturing about conservation around the country when he’s not tending to his Ranch in central Virginia with his wife, Lisa Crow Ruggles and his Great Dane Stanley.

1/25 RPS Zoom Guest Speaker Ken Garrett

Guest Speaker Ken Garrett will address RPS Meeting via ZOOM, 1/25 at 7:30PM.

Ken Garrett is an independent photographer specializing in Archaeology, Paleontology and ancient cultures worldwide. Whether in a museum or isolated location forgotten by time, he approaches each artifact, monument, and temple from every angle until it speaks to him; Ken translates his commune into exquisite images that reach out to the viewer.  His editorial file includes over 60 National Geographic Magazine articles, with 14 covers, and 15 book titles; his imagery emphasizes sites of major discoveries worldwide.  With an education and keen interest in the origins of civilization, Ken has formed long-standing relationships with the foremost authorities in the fields of Egyptian, Mayan and Pre-Columbian archaeology, as well as Human Evolution.  His work is featured in the National Geographic Tutankhamun and Cleopatra traveling exhibit.  His magazine credits include National Geographic Magazine, Smithsonian, Air and Space, Archaeology, Fortune, Forbes, Time, Life, Audubon, Geo Germany, National Wildlife and Natural History.  Corporate clients include IBM, Marriott Corporation, UNC Aviation, Starbucks Coffee. Ken is a graduate of UVA and currently lives in Broad Run, Virginia.